“HAS YOUR SALES GOAL GONE UP BUT YOUR WIN RATE GONE DOWN? Calling on Small medium size business owners and sales representatives! ”

Melanie Martin


What are your challenges?

SME business owner:

No formal sales training, no sales representatives, no sales strategy, and limited time to engage in sales.  But remember:  No Sales no SME business! 


Sales Representatives:

Newbies with no formal sales training, and experienced sales representatives with no support and burn out.


What is the SIC Solution?

Individualised 1 to 1 sales training and coaching focusing on improving your personal sales abilities.  The sales training material will be adapted to the industry you are selling in.


What results can you expect from engaging in this sales training and coaching?


  • Improved personal motivation.
  • Increased win rates
  • Better long-lasting relationships with customers


How do you start this learning transformation?


  1. Contact me.
  2. Attend a free 1-hour assessment of your unique selling requirements.
  3. Be trained with your individualised sales training materials.
  4. Engage in coaching to develop to your full potential as it is a practise that connects with your heart as well as your mind, helping you to develop confidence, see past your own self-imposed limits and take ownership of your success.
"Success in sales comes from converting dreams into plans, and plans into actions."
Jeffrey Gitomer
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